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The World's First Multi-Nutrient Collagen Formulated to Absorb.

Including: The Best Multi-Collagen, Vitamins, Minerals, Botanicals and Digestive Enzymes to...

Enhance, Promote, Restore Better Living.

Amazing Benefits

Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails

One of the first reasons that people turn to collagen is its ability to improve the look and feel of your hair, skin and nails. Because collagen is a support protein, it works to keep your skin lifted, firm and smooth, while boosting hair volume and shine and strengthening your nails.

Better Joint Health

Collagen also delivers rich levels of amino acids that support joint health and mobility. As collagen production goes down with age, your joints can become stiff and irritated. By adding collagen to your daily supplement regimen, you’re basically greasing the wheels of your joints to allow them to move with ease again.

Improved Weight Management

Collagen is also the perfect way to support a healthy weight. One of the amino acids that the protein delivers, known as glycine, helps promote healthy muscle tissue, which burns more calories than fat. This provides a natural boost for your metabolism, helping you burn off extra pounds more efficiently.

A Healthy, Happy Gut

Collagen is also necessary to maintain the health of your gut. That’s because collagen delivers the building blocks that help form the tiny folds that line the wall of your gut, called villi. Taking collagen works to boost cellular health and even promote the growth of healthy tissue throughout your digestive tract.

Immune Strength

Because collagen keeps your gut healthy, it also has the power to strengthen your immune system. After all, the majority of your immunity starts in your digestive tract. So if you want the kind of reved up immune system that’s capable of keeping you healthy, it’s important to give your gut the support it needs to stay healthy.

Heart Health Support

Collagen is also found around all of your blood vessels, keeping them strong and protecting your heart health. But as collagen production decreases, so does that protection. That’s why collagen can play a powerful role in promoting heart and blood vessel health.

Collagen 18 - Multi-Nutrient Supplement Powder

Formulated to focus on nutrient absorption, synthesis, and bio-availability.

With no fillers, preservatives and no added sugar, our unflavoured collagen powder it is easy to enjoy daily in flavored smoothies, yogurts, coffees, milks, juices, and more. 

+6 Digestive Enzymes

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Mobility Supplements

Professional strength Mobility Pro® maintains the natural balance needed for healthy joint performance. Modern lifestyles, dietary changes, and age tend to deplete many nutrient levels which support joint health. Mobility Pro® replenishes nutrients to assist proper joint function.

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Our Story

Vitality'sBest started because I could not find a collagen product formulated with everything the body needs to help me looking and feeling my greatest. Along with this, my daughter was seeking a proactive way to be energized, focused and to age in the best way possible.
Based on my science background, I knew collagen could work if it was formulated properly.

This inspired me to create Collagen 18.


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See why Collagen 18 is called Collagen on Steroids

Real People With Results.

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  • My husband and I have been using Vitality's Best magic powder (I don’t want to call it collagen because it’s more than just collagen) for over six weeks and we’re both noticing some amazing results.

  • Vitality's Best Tastes great. It makes my morningcoffee taste better. At 74 my hair, skin, and golf swing are great!

  • I have noticed my skin looks and feels better after taking YAS for a few weeks. My face appears younger and more firm, and I see less wrinkles! I like photos of myself with less makeup now because my face looks better!

  • I could not believe the differnce...I was skeptical and now I should be the poster child for Vitality's.
    Cheryl R.

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