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Top 50 Collagen Comparison Review

Collagen Supplement Review and Summary

The quality of a supplement depends on one factor: it is serving the purpose for which it is taken. If you are taking a supplement for a certain condition and the supplement is not improving that condition then there is no point in taking it. The same is the case if your body is not properly absorbing the ingredients of the supplement. If you want to take full advantage of a supplement then two factors are important: appropriate ingredients and proper absorption. The credibility of a product increases if you compare your product with other products available in the market and your product provides more benefits than those other products. The comparison provides you with a way to make sure that your product is serving the right purpose. 

Human bodies are made up of different types of proteins. Of these different proteins, collagen is the most abundant protein present in muscles, bones, tendons, skin, etc. you can think of collagen as a glue that holds the body together. At a young age, your body produces enough collagen and you do not need additional collagen but as you grow older the collagen-producing ability of your body decreases. At this stage, it is in your best interest that you take a collagen supplement in order to keep your body in the best possible shape.

There are hundreds of collagen supplements available in the market. Each one of these supplements contains collagen as the main ingredient along with a variety of other beneficial ingredients. But the important question is: which collagen supplement is the best for you? The answer to this question is simple. The best supplement is the one that contains collagen as well as digestive enzymes for proper absorption of that collagen. The presence of digestive enzymes in a supplement is as important as the main ingredient because everything is ultimately made available for absorption by the enzymes. In other words, if you are talking supplement but your body is not absorbing it then it is as if you never took any. 

We compared our product Collagen 18 and beyond with the top 50 collagen supplements on google. Each of those 50 supplements contained a blend of different ingredients but not one of them contained a blend of fiber, collagen, enzymes, hormone, and immune support to fight the three main causes of aging. In fact, 19 out of 50 supplements contained only collagen and sodium. When the enzyme blend of Collagen 18 was compared with other 50 supplements only 3 contained some type of enzyme blend to support absorption and bioavailability. Out of those 50 only 1 supplement had an enzyme blend comparable to Collagen 18’s but no fiber. Only Collagen 18 had both fiber and a blend of 6 digestive enzymes. The fiber present in Collagen 18 supports gut health and the enzyme blend makes sure that collagen is being absorbed into the body. 

On further comparison of other ingredients, it was found that only 18 out of 50 have vitamin C to fight free radicle damage and only one has zinc. Collagen 18 has 100mg vitamin C and premium chelated zinc that prolongs Botox supports immune health, and increases collagen absorption. MSM was present in only 1 and hyaluronic acid was present in only 8 out of 50. Neither of the 50 contained both saw palmetto and hyaluronic acid plus MSM for stronger hair, nails, plump skin, and hormone balance. Half of those 50 top-selling collagens contained only two ingredients: collagen + sodium while only 18 contained vitamin C to help the body process that collagen. Only 3 contained enzyme blend which means that bioavailability and absorption are not given due importance.


In conclusion, we can surely say that Collagen 18 is the best collagen supplement available in the market because it not only contains collagen but also 6 digestive enzymes and a combination of fiber, vitamin C, chelated zinc, and MSM.  Digestive enzymes make sure that collagen is being absorbed into the body while all other ingredients make sure that your body has the right weapons to fight the signs and causes of aging.

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